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4th Engineer


Hong Kong Owner / European Management
Tour of Duty
6 months
Leave Ratio (Vac)
USD currency consolidate - on board only
Joining Date
April 2024
World Wide
Crew Nationality
  • Class 3 Engine Officer Certificate or above.
  • At least One ship and sea experience with no less than 6 months as current rank on worldwide trading container vessel will be given priority.
  • Or at least Two ships and sea experience with no less than 10 months as current rank on other than container vessel (eg: bulker, tanker, general cargo) will be also accepted.
  • Experience on ME/MC type of main engine.
  • Basic training for IGF & Advance training for IGF is a must.
  • Experience on Multi-Nationality crew members.
  • Good leadership, judgment, and decision-making skill.
  • You may specifically draw our attention if candidates have special experience.
  • All Sea-time services must be completely filled into crew application form (CAF) and strictly according to SRB.
  • All crew certificates
  • Certificate of no criminal record in the past 10 years
  • We only consider the application that the candidate shall be ready within three months after confirmation of admission. If the candidate's readiness is not fulfilled within six months or exceeded, their admission would be declined as a result that they may require to re-apply again. We would accept candidates to designate either original or another manning agency to re-apply for the same position.
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